Sytex Consulting will help you determine the most effective way to utilize computers and the Internet in your business and assist you in setting up custom software and a web site for your company.
It takes more than just technical knowledge to be an excellent consultant. Consultants must also have the ability to evaluate needs and provide solutions. Our consultants excel not only in their technical abilities but they also understand the business world and will provide solutions to increase your companies efficiency and sales.
We use our broad knowledge and background in computers, communications and the Internet to develop a creative and effective Internet / Intranet presentation.

We here at Sytex have the ability to translate technical information into an "un-technical" easy to understand way. Sytex will stand by you through-out the development process of web sites, databases and software design.
If you have reached the point that outsourcing of technical issues seems too expensive, but you can't justify hiring a full time IS employee for $50,000 + a year plus the cost of additional training to keep them up to date with technology, we solve this problem for you! Sytex will provide your company with a remote IS department.